Welcome to NexiaCorp

Life Planning, Superannuation, Business & Taxation Advice for Small, Medium & Large Enterprises


Our Vision

NexiaCorp aims to provide you with the best SME Accounting Service in Australia. We are an experienced, client focused practice that delivers our accounting, audit and advisory services with integrity, quality and honesty. We work with our clients to understand their needs and expectations, and provide a professional and dependable service in Financial Account Preparation, Taxation, Audit and Outsourcing.


Our Values

Our enthusiastic and dynamic team works in partnership with you to provide insights and facts to assist you to make sound decisions based on good advice. We are always open and honest in communicating with you, and aim to provide an outstanding service that exceeds your expectations.


We invest extensively in the on-going development of our professional staff to ensure we are able to provide you with leading edge proposals to structure your business effectively and to achieve tax effective outcomes.


Our Commitment to You

  • Professional and courteous service
  • Ready access to our team and to Partners as appropriate
  • Our assistance to implement any improvement ideas or programs in your business
  • Exceptional advice designed to help you add significant value to your business
  • Measured performance to demonstrate the value added
  • Prompt communication and recommendations to embed value into your business
  • Listening to your feedback to innovate and improve our services
  • Honest and “up-front” with you at all times to build long-term and valuable relationships
Creating Solutions to Achieve Your Goals
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